Belmont Construction Company


Belmont Construction Company (“BCC”) was formed in 2007 and serves as the General Contractor for Belmont’s rehabilitation and new construction developments. Since its formation, over 42 communities with over 2,200 units have been completed. BCC strives for quality, safety, and timeliness on all of its developments.


Johnny McClain

McClain is the President of BCC and joined the organization in 2008. McClain oversees the day-to-day construction activities of BCC and works closely with project managers and sub-contractors to ensure the development is completed as desired by Belmont. Prior to joining Belmont, McClain owned and operated McClain Lifetime Homes, an Oklahoma based construction company.

Paul Neissl

Neissl is the Vice President of BCC and joined the organization in 2008. Neissl develops construction budgets and works as the construction Project Manager. Neissl is the primary contact for superintendents in the field. Prior to joining Belmont, he owned Neissl Construction where he completed residential and commercial projects. He attended West Ark Junior College.

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